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Family Trees 


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        Birthdays for May 2001

Alicia Ornelas -  on the 4th Jorje Ruiz, Jr. - 20 on the 6th Leonardo Collier - 10 on the 7th
Jose Roberto Gonzalez-60 on the 7th Tobey Beau Moreno - 26 on the 8th Ramona Ordaz -  on the 11th
Sonia G. Ordaz -   on the 14th Elvia Flores Vasquez -  44 on the 15th Juanita Jasso -  77 on the 16th
Benito Barrera - 65 on the 16th Amanda Fraustro -14 on the 17th Jesse Joe Barrera - 22 on the 19th
Luis Gonzaga Sauceda -80 on the 20th Cisco Sauceda - 30 on the 21st Mike Zambrano - 36 on the 21st
Hannah Celeste Ordaz - 4 on the 23rd Carrie Galvan - 26 on the 23rd Theresa Whitt - 40 on the 24th
Jared Velasquez - 3 on the 25th Valerie Barrera - 8 on the 26th Pablo Barrera - 67 on the 26th
Nicolas Barrera - 6 on the 26th Victoria  Martinez - 12 on the 29th Pablo Ordaz - 32 on the 30th

Wedding Anniversaries

Rosalinda & Luis Sauceda - 29yrs on the 3rd Gina & Alfredo Barrera - 13yrs on the 4th
 Nicole & Ezekiel Gutierrez - 2yrs on the 5th







             Barrera Family Tree - A family tree outline

                  Listed by generation and spouse

               Ordaz Family Tree - A family tree outline

                   Listed by generation and spouse

               Tienda Family Tree - A family tree outline

                    Listed by generation and spouse


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